Radar RV 4S Tyres Available in Leicester

Radar RV 4S



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The RV 4S is the new and innovative all-weather van tire range from Radar Tires. This range has been designed for drivers that need a van tire that offers good mileage and performance in any weather condition that is encountered on a journey from snow, slush and rain to hot summer roads. All sizes have the snow flake symbol (3PMSF) that is officially approved for winter use.

  1. Symmetric tread pattern with high density sipes.
  2. Dual Compound Technology.
  3. Optimized casing profile and pitch sequence.
  1. Safe on wet roads and good control in winter conditions.
  2. Enhanced grip in all-seasons.
  3. Quiet ride.

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 15 Tyres
Radar RV 4S 195/70R15 104/102R C B 72
Radar RV 4S 215/65R15 104/102T C B 72
Radar RV 4S 215/70R15 109/107T C B 72
Size 16 Tyres
Radar RV 4S 185/75R16 104/102R C B 72
Radar RV 4S 205/75R16 113/111R C B 72
Radar RV 4S 215/60R16 103/101T C B 72
Radar RV 4S 215/65R16 109/107T C B 72