Triangle TE301 Tyres Available in Leicester

Triangle TE301



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  • Rib type pattern and solid CL longitudinal ribs, high rubber volume and stiffer centerline for optimum mileage and precise handling.
  • Narrow shoulder block lateral grooves and four main central grooves to improved grip performance during wet breaking for shorter breaking distances and Increased safety.
  • Advanced digital simulation for optimize tread design to improve footprint pressure distribution for reduced rolling resistance providing fuel economy.

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 14 Tyres
Triangle TE301 165/60R14 75HH E C 70
Triangle TE301 165/65R14 79HH E C 70
Triangle TE301 175/65R14 82TT E C 71
Triangle TE301 175/70R14 88HH E C 70