Zeta ZTR50 Tyres Available in Leicester

Zeta ZTR50



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  • Special profile design has been adopted to increase tyre rigidity and driving comfort, high-speed stability and safety.
  • Pitch pattern designed by computer-simulated calculation reduces the noise generation.
  • Innovative tread compound provides better all-season grip, lower rolling resistance and improved mileage.

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 13 Tyres
Zeta ZTR50 155/70R13 79T E E 71
Zeta ZTR50 155/80R13 79T E C 70
Zeta ZTR50 165/65R13 77H E C 70
Zeta ZTR50 165/70R13 79T E E 71
Size 14 Tyres
Zeta ZTR50 155/65R14 75T E C 70
Zeta ZTR50 165/60R14 75H E C 70
Zeta ZTR50 165/65R14 79H C C 70
Zeta ZTR50 185/65R14 86H C B 70
Zeta ZTR50 185/70R14 88H E C 70
Zeta ZTR50 195/70R14 91H E C 70
Size 15 Tyres
Zeta ZTR50 175/65R15 88H C B 71
Zeta ZTR50 195/60R15 88V C B 71